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With e-tipi, your community members are engaged into a collaborative thinking process. Collaboration offers the ability to change raw ideas into valuable concepts, which results in a better ROI for your innovation efforts.



Capture and cultivate ideas

Raw ideas provide little value. You have to pursue, improve, and modify these ideas if you want to profit from their intrinsic value. e-tipi offers a complete solution to collaborate, pursue and develop ideas.

  • powerful search engine
  • idea tagging
  • category
  • idea workflow (revision, status)

Motivate and stimulate your community

We know how important it is to stimulate each member. e-tipi offers several solutions to keep the members well informed about the activity in the tipi: email notification, Twitter notification, periodical digests, RSS.

  • member board
  • expert find out
  • email and digest notification
  • twitter integration
  • nomad friendly

Evaluate, organize and prioritize ideas

Capturing is not the hardest part. The main problem is to choose, develop and pursue the winning ideas. e-tipi offers an important set of features that helps the idea gardener to identify, organize and prioritize the most promising ideas.

  • idea correlation engine
  • most promising ideas algorithm
  • spotlight on important ideas
  • idea status
  • voting on ideas
  • commenting
  • revising

Centralize your communication

e-tipi offers all the needed tools to centralize your communication. No need to shoot emails back and forth anymore. e-tipi allows attaching all kinds of documents with ideas and comments. It includes drawings, images, spreadsheets, sounds, videos, etc.

  • articles
  • resource sharing
  • web messages
  • member list management

Safe, private and secure

e-tipi accounts are password protected and safe from prying eyes. Ideas and other data can only be accessed by your tipi's members. You can manage permissions with a high level of granularity. We also provide a high level of database backup and offsite backup storage.

  • encrypted password protection
  • high level of db backups
  • offsite backup storage
  • single sign-on support

SaaS or installation, easy integration

SaaS or installation on your server or private installation on our servers is available to meet your needs; api is already integrated with a number of private platforms

  • affordable SaaS
  • API and webservices
  • partnership policy with platform editors

e-tipi - Communities Portal
Communities Portal

e-tipi - Community Dashboard
Community Dashboard

e-tipi - Idea creation form
Idea creation form

e-tipi - Idea main screen
Idea main screen

e-tipi - Powerful search engine
Powerful search engine

e-tipi - Article list
Article list

e-tipi - Notification methods
Notification methods

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  • Twitter: @etipi
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